Track Listing:
1. Your Bag
2. Toy Surprise
3. Whirlybird
4. Ship Going Down
5. Marcel
6. Candy Store
7. The Match From Mars

produced by Jamie Harley and Kramer at Noise New Jersey, Christmas, 1991 Jamie plays all percussion and drums.
Cover Show: Outside | Inside
Deep Thoughts:
I wrote these songs in San Francisco, in my bay-windowed room overlooking the corner of Page and Laguna. We had tried to have a seance there once when I first moved in, but all that happened was we all got incredibly cold. And then remembered that we lived in San Francisco. Even August is cold. My corner overlooked the many crack and prostitution deals going down, as well as the orderly lines of zen monks from the zen center, proceeding serenely towards the health food store. When I got off the plane in Newark, Kramer said "so ya got 40 minutes of music for me?" But all along I thought we had discussed a shorter ep length. So when I got to Kramer's new suburban New Jersey studio, complete with disco ball, ping pong table, beige shag wall to wall, special metallic triangle chair that was supposed to balance your chakras or something, there were also a couple of spare musicians from England handy. This was very convenient for yours truly, as one of the English gents was a drummer. So Jamie Harley and I took those five normal songs and stretched them out to majorly long songs, somewhat to the point of absurdity. And we didn't have the energy or time to create enough dynamics. Even so, I've had people say they put the record on and are convinced there are ghosts in the room. I think of re-recording some of the tracks, but maybe I should just let them swing in the breeze as they are in all their uneven wooziness.