Is there a joy in the sheer ballsiness, at this late date, of blatant consumption? Or is it a pitiful denial of death? There was a national blackout planned to promote the idea of conservation. A guy in Pennsylvania publically vowed to blaze his lights even brighter on that day. Is he more frightened than most , or just your standard a-hole? I can understand a sort of nihilism born of despair. We're doomed, people don't change, Americans will never be able to cope with having less, so ef it, I'm having my fun going out in a blaze of glory. Or at least fun. Where is the honor in that? To be courageous is to stand up for the improbable, and fight in the face of certain failure. Go down an honorable captain of one's ship, etc. And if I have knowledge and do not act on it, what am I?

But I think most of the hummer driving, burger face-stuffing yobbos gas guzzling the day away, ignoring the simplest concepts of recycling, are just slightly brain-deficient. Probably on account of their fast food diets. Evolution is an on-going process, baby. And most of us will be left behind.