Track Listing:
1. Nuclear Soul
   [MP3 Sample]

Recorded by Jerry Busher
Produced by Chad Clark at Silver Sonya
lyrics, music, guitars, bass, keyboards and art work by Lida
drums by Jerry Busher
© 2006
Lida Husik - Nuclear Soul
And the wind failed to blow
And the waters they were not parted
The face of God did not show
And the evil empire was delighted
We burn 'em up just like birds
Can we blow 'em up just like a party
We burn 'em up just like dirt
Can we blow 'em up just like retarded

And the Leader they chose
Had his pockets all overflowing
The grease of the pterodactyl
The oily tyrannosaurus
My head ain't workin right
It might not last the night
Before I take my dive
I will say this for being alive
You gotta have a nuclear soul
To melt down all your sorrowful load
And you gotta have a mercury soul
To weigh down any glimmer of gold
I would not drive your car
Iffen you paid me a million large
And I would not think that way
Maybe you came from another place
I would not testify
Even to keep myself alive
Maybe I kid myself sometimes
But I don't think I'm one of your kind.
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