Track Listing:
1. Cactus Garden Days
2. Dynomite
3. Jupiterstar
4. Trash out Tonite
5. Glo Stick
6. State of the Empire
7. Tantalize
8. Choco Deluxe
9. We Saw
10. The Slide
Cover Show: Outside | Inside
produced by the ever valiant Geoff Turner and Charles Bennington at WGNS in the winter of 1999 when the world was still good.  Many 100% fab DC musicians worked on this record, including drummers Brandon Finley, Seb Thomson, Jerry Busher, percussionist (and some vocals) Gregory El Flaco Woods, bassists Doug Kallmeyer and Josh LaRue, and a heartbreakingly lush cello solo by Hilary Soldati.  This record also includes groovy remixes of songs from Fly Stereophonic by English electronic band Faceless.  Theres a big goof in the credits which Im very happy to correct here.  For some reason Mark Tibenham is given credit for tracks 10 and 11 (hidden track, I guess not so well concealed)...he had done a really great remix from the Faith In Space record.  I think we had changed the selection at the last minute and I forgot to change the artwork.  Im really sorry because, as luck would have it, Beaumont Hannants remix of The Slide which is track 10, and his remix of Angels on the Floor from Faith in Space , which is the hidden trackare among my faves ever.  Its really kind of inexcusable but I hope to live it down.

Deep Thoughts:
I wrote this album on a little mc303, the classic dance track instrument. I had a lot of fun doing this record back in DC with the WGNS crew, who worked incredibly hard on this, their first entirely digital project. We invited a bunch of great musicians to play live over the tracks and I love the thick layers of live drums over digital drums. My faves are Jupiter Star, Dynamite and State of the Empire.