Track Listing:
1. Joyride
2. Mother Richard
3. Glorious
4. Flower of the Hour
5. Midnight of Life
6. Strawberries are Growing in my Garden (And Its Wintertime)
7. Star
8. Persinthia Lawdro & John
9. Sweet Lavender
10. Donkey Pot
11. Mickey Minnie
12. Dreamlake
Cover Show: Outside | Inside
Tracks 1-5 and 9-12 produced at WGNS Studio, Nations Capitol, by Geoff Turner and Charles Bennington. Tracks 6 and 8 produced by Kurt Ralske at Zabriske Point Studio, NYC, and track 7 produced by Beaumont Hannant and Richard Brown at TTB Studio, Wakefield, England. Drums: tracks 2, 5 and 11: The Rummager, tracks 4, 9, 10 and 12, John Giesecke, tracks 6 and 8, Julius Klepacz and track 3, Sven Abow. Bass on all tracks but 6 and 8, Charles Steck Additional vox on track 6 Mick Murphy from the awesome UK band The Dentists

Deep Thoughts:
My first experience on a 'proper' label, Caroline was a big indie owned by a major, later swallowed up by that major. It was fun, whenever I had to go to the company in its cavernous garment district loft, to see all these nice looking kids on colorful furniture. The earliest songs on the record were recorded in a cluttered livingroom on a main highway in Arlington, the first incarnation of WGNS studio. That would be Donkey Pot, Sweet Lavender, Dreamlake and Glorious. Later when WGNS had moved to 14th Street, me Rummy and Steck did another bunch of songs, and three other tracks were recorded in Manhattan. I wanted the single to be Mother Richard. The label said no, it had to be Persinthia Lawdro, which was recorded when I was quite sick and had weak vocals. Later we did a live show for a big radio station in Baltimore and the d.j. dudes came up to me and said "We're just curious, why wasn't Mother Richard chosen as the single?" Being on a label can also be sad.