Track Listing:
1. The Bird
2. Bad Head Day
3. Haunt Me
4. Wonderland
5. River Ouse
6. Just Like Candy
7. All Hands on Deck
8. Starburst 7
9. Soul of Gold
10. Dead Radio
Cover Show: Outside | Inside
me, Beaumont Hannant, Richard Brown and what they referred to as hot drink. Which was tea.

Deep Thoughts:
Back to York for a full length album with Beaumont and Richard. A cold April in the medieval walled city of York, early gated community. Tiny shops cut into the stone, offering miniature thimbles and tea in bunny cups to hoards of tourists. I got to stay for six weeks or so in an apartment and worked almost every day at the studio in Wakefield, the work flowing as easily as it had for the Evening at the Grange ep, but with more time. Have I mentioned that it was cold? It's always cold in studios, even in the summer, they'll have the ac blasting cuz they're filled with hairy dudes sweating and drinking sodas all day. But I digress. I ate a lot of cheese, (this was during a non vegan period) and walked a lot in the icy April air and felt totally, deliciously, Englishly lonely. I love these songs and do a bang-up live version of Wonderland on acoustic.