My sister is a good girlscout.  She goes to meetings and dresses up in a green costume with a sash and a matching beanie.  She goes on trips and camps out under the stars.  She has earned a few badges and can make a fire and identify certain plants.

And now it is the time for girlscout cookies to go on sale.  She has forms to fill out, and neighbors to visit door to door, getting orders for different flavors.  There are mint cookies and vanilla sandwich cookies and chocolate sandwich cookies and sandwich cookies with one vanilla cookie and one chocolate cookie.  There is a cookie called a samore which has coconut and chewy nougat.  After a few weeks, two large grocery bags show up at the house.  Each is filled with boxes of cookies.  I have never seen that much sugar in my home in my life, as Dad is 100% whole wheat.  Sibling places them carefully under her bed.  She will deliver them next weekend.

I start raiding the bags slowly, one box at a time. It's warm out and I give many cookies to my friends as we swing on the swings.  I'm becoming an almost godfather-like figure in the neighborhood, doling out my favors to those who have earned them.  We carry around stacks of them, and swing in the fine air, enjoying the many varieties.

I got sloppy. I was actually eating one in the backseat of the car with no sugar Dad at the wheel.  He looked in his rearview mirror and asked what i was eating, and there, as plain as day embossed on the sweet crunchy top of a vanilla/chocolate sandwich cookie was the legend: GS.

I know I was force-marched to each house with the sibling and made to apologize, but I've completely blocked that part out.