Track Listing:
1. Fly Stereophonic
2. Fade Sister Cool
3. Sharon Hill Shadows
4. Soundman
5. Cape Fear
6. Cafe Con Leche
7. Death Trip
8. Ein Symphonie Des Grauens
9. The Slide
10. Dead Poets
11. Chocolate City
12. Dancing Pants
Cover Show: Outside | Inside
Charles Steck, bass, The Rummager, drums. Charles Bennington, saxophone, Eugene Bogan, bagpipes. Produced by Charles Bennington and Geoff Turner at WGNS, Washington DC, and Royaltone, Los Angeles, 1996.

Deep Thoughts:
Working with the old team of WGNS, Rummy and Steck on drums and bass, we recorded at leisure over several months in DC. This is a great record. I love these songs. People are still discovering it here and there and I'm glad. It's quite peppy. And it was mixed twice, once on a good Volvo (WGNS) and once on a Maserati. (Royaltone Studio in LA.) A lot of work on the part of producer Charles Bennington, not the least for stellar sax playing. Also Eugene Bogan marched solemnly around the room playing the bagpipes and it was frrrrigin magical!