Track Listing:
1. Build a Fire
2. Dissolve
3. Angels on the Floor
4. Bodies a Model
5. Waterfall
6. The Planets On
7. New Miss NYC
8. Ice It
9. Blood and Water
10. Monday
Cover Show: Outside | Inside
me and Beaumont Hannant. Recorded in Los Angeles at my house, mixed in York, England by Beaumont.

Deep Thoughts:
Beaumont came to LA, to my little house in Silverlake. My housemate and friend Stephanie had a great recording setup and we worked on this album for a couple of weeks, then he went back to England and I wrote and recorded the vocals in the autumn of el nino, rains pouring down. There's some good dance tracks on here and I was pleased as punch the other day to see a mention of Angels on the Floor on some lovely gay bloke's blog, complete with nude torsos. I sent Beaumont what I'd recorded and he mixed and tweaked it in the UK and sent it back. I loved what he had come up with, and there were a few different vinyl re-mixes on this one as well. Fave tracks are New Miss NYC, Angels and Dissolve.