I went to Elizabeth's birthday party in about 196...well, first grade, so about 1967.  Her mom's grey-streaked ponytail swung around smacking her head left and right.  She bore an uncanny resemblance to my mother, who had died in 1963, and I remember staring at her and feeling a little queezy.  That same year, I invited Elizabeth to my birthday party.  I wrote out the invitations at the diningroom table.

Somehow in the process of writing "this" Saturday and "next" Saturday, I got confused, or was inconsistent.  I'm not sure if i was only inconsistent with Elizabeth's invitation, but she was the only one who didn't come to my party.  The next weekend I was playing in the backyard when my dad came to say Elizabeth was here.  I went to the front door and there she was coming out of her parents' car all dressed up and carrying a gaily wrapped parcel.

It was decided among the grownups that Elizabeth should stay and play for the day, and she gave me the present.  I think we just walked around the yard and maybe i showed her my stuff.  There would not have been any sweet because Dad didn't allow them.  He may have whipped up some thick slabs of jarlsberg cheese on whole wheat bread.

Years later Elizabeth and I would again have minor difficulties.  The present was a ceramic doll. It was a chubby child holding a gold card in the shape of a heart.  On the card it said: I have a message for you.  When you lifted up the card it said: Get Lost.