Anya cuts her fruit with a tool that turns her apple into a flower.   Her mom put it in her lunch.  My dad won't buy small lunchbags so i bring my lunch in a big grocery bag from Giant Food.  He won't buy lettuce because the farmers are on strike, so he puts a stalk of celery-cabbage on top of a thick slab of jarlsberg cheese between two pieces of unevenly cut whole wheat bread.  The bread crumbles up and sticks to the cheese in moist clumps.  One day the stepmonster packs the lunch instead of him, and it's just margarine on whole wheat bread.   When a kid asks me what it is i say "chicken spread."

When Pammy's mother comes to get her at the end of school she asks: "what do you want for your snack today, Pammy, cheese doodles or coffee cake?" Pammy's mom's hair looks just like Laura Petrie's.  Anya's mom drives a baby blue convertible and wears scarves tied around her head and big sunglasses.  Her eyes are turquoise.  In the attic of their house, she makes art.  She takes shiny coins, metal washers and rings and glues them to mirrors in the shapes of naked ladies.  One day we go up there.  The mirrors are flat on the floor and we get down and crawl around them gazing into the glass, and whispering.

One hot hot day, dad comes to pick me up from Anya's.  Her mom tells dad he is welcome to take a dip in the pool.  No one's out there but him, so he takes off his shorts and dives in in his boxers.  Then we get into the green volkswagon beetle and drive down the hill towards home.
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