Track Listing:
1. Bozo
2. Billboard
3. California/Oregon
4. Diamond Day
5. Hitchiker
6. Hateful Hippy Girls
7. Halloween
8. Mom
9. Farmhouse
10. Snow
11. Up
12. To Virginia
Cover Show: Inside
tracks 1-6 and track 12 produced by Kramer at Noise New York, 1991
tracks 7-11 produced by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studio, Arlington
Virginia, 1989
drums on tracks 3-5 by David Licht
guitar on track 5 Brett Ackerman
guitar on track 7 Melaney Holman
extra vox track 11 The Reverend Chester Hawkins

Deep Thoughts:
I met Kramer through his Gumball pal Don Fleming, and handed him a cassette tape of stuff I'd recorded a year earlier in DC with Don Zientara. Those songs were the second half of Bozo. To record the first half, I went down to Kramer's Tribeca studio only a few times. But the transition from my little Hoboken bedroom to the cavernous sweet reverb sound of the studio was... a beautiful thing. Kramer's impromptu method and big echo sound influenced a lot of my future output. I wanted an other-worldly and remote mood. Some fine musicians came to play, David Licht, drummer for the Klezmatics, a band that wowed and amazed and moved me way back in 1988 or so... Brett Ackerman tore up the guitar on "Hitchiker", and my friends Melanie Holman and Chester Hawkins came to Inner Ear in DC and played and chanted. Mostly I remember being amazed at all the music toys at Don's, and he was very good at explaining things. Also the fact that I had rings on all of my fingers. At the time I thought it looked really cool but now it's slightly embarrassing.